Saturday, January 28, 2012

Superbowl Comes Early for this Guy

As I also posted on my other blog, (and I promise I won't cross-post pictures very often, but as you'll see this IS pretty special), my SL wife, who is not even American, surprised me by making some New England Patriots tee shirts, tattoos, thongs, etc to celebrate that my team had made the Superbowl. To make it even more awesome, she passed copies of her creations on to her sister Debbie, best friend Brandie, and who knows who else. They all came over today to model them for me and for the blog.

Whatever happened to me in a previous virtual life must have been horrible, because I'm truly blessed in this one. So, fair warning, this week will be pictures of Debbie and Brandie in Patriots gear. I promise I will post different pictures here than the ones I post on my other blog, so check them both if you like women, football, thongs and tees.