Sunday, January 8, 2012

Debbie and the Dragon

There is an awesome animation in Second Life where you can sit on a thing that looks like an altar in front of a giant stature of a three headed dragon. When you sit on the altar, your avatar starts to make these motions as if going through some sort of spell. Soon, the dragon statue's eyes start to glow and it comes to life! My wife and her sister Debbie were kind enough to show me the animation and Debbie was even brave enough to go through the animation, and here, I should add, Second Life is for people over 18, and the animation does involve the dragon um, well, ok I didn't take any pictures of that part but let's just say that at the end, Debbie had an egg come out of her from which a baby three headed dragon was born. I think it's a great animation that someone clearly spent a LOT of time on. There are similar animations involving gryphons and unicorns, where, like with the dragon, you actually get a baby gryphon and a baby unicorn at the end. I think it's really cool and thanks to Debbie for posing for these cool pictures!
Starting the incantation. Yes, panty and bra are encouraged at this point, if not less.

The dragon awakes and notices the attractive sacrifice sitting on the altar!

Debbie might be having some second thoughts at this point as the middle dragon has definitely noticed her.

I think this animation is absolutely brilliant. The girl on the altar is no longer thinking this might be fun.

The dragon is off its pedestal and all three of them are definitely interested in Debbie.

The dragon freezes her into place with a beam of magic from its eyes.

After quite a while, Debbie hatches a dragon of her very own!