Saturday, January 21, 2012

Introducing Brandie

I've posted a lot of pictures of Debbie, as many of you seem to like her, (and frankly, who wouldn't!) but my wife has a LOT of attractive and very photogenic friends who will pose for us too. I give you today her friend Brandie, who is one of the most fun people in SL. I shot these pictures with Brandie just standing around at my wife's store, if you like her I say we get her into a bikini for some photo shoots in the near future. What say you?


  1. Lol..this blog is cool haha sexy 3d girls. Whats not to like. I play to much video games...Keep it up. I had a friend a year back who played the hell out of this. I never got into it because well Im not a pc gamer. I have a decent pc now so maybe.

    Post more of these ladies lol

  2. Gotta say, your wife is beautiful, but I like Brandi, prefer Brunettes & she's very cute, love the tattoos, guess she reminds me of me a little bit hehe, cool post & returning the follow :)