Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Diana and the Butterflies

Going with my wife and her friend Diana to Alirium was a lot of fun because the place has some seriously awesome quirky things, like the mass of butterflies that work magic with various Windlight settings, or the festive elephant that you see in the background of one of these pictures. Having Diana be such a natural model helped tremendously of course!

Diana's Outfit:
Hair: CATwA Marwa Summer Blondes - Blondy (upper only)
Skin: Belleza Elle BL Tan 11 (cleavage)
[-Poke-] Piercings (Glitz, Monroe D, Pronstar & LRear)
Earrings: Prinny's Prims Rosario Platinum*
Tattoo: *VG* Nice-n-Naughty
Boots: *VG* Women's Boot - Metallic
Lingerie: *VG* Lace Bra & Panties - dark blue
Top: *VG* Lace Halter - sheer blue
Capris: *VG* Denim Capris - Blue

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Diana from Alirium

Here's Day 2 of the awesome pictures my wife and I took of her friend Diana at the Alirium sim. She is wearing a top and shorts from Virtually Gorgeous, and I think she looks absolutely stunning!

Hair:  CATwA TNT Summer Blondes - Blondy
Skin:  Belleza Elle BL Tan 3 (cleavage)
[-Poke-] Piercings (Glitz, Monroe D, Siberia, Pronstar  & LRear)
Tattoo: *VG* Nice-n-Naughty
Top::  *VG* Bikini top in white
Shorts:  *VG* Denim shorts w/ white belt

Monday, February 27, 2012

Introducing Diana

I suggested that my wife ask her good friend Diana to model for us because she is gorgeous, as you can see here. We went to the Alirium Sim and took a bunch of pictures that I will share with you over the next few days. I think you'll join me in thanking Diana for modeling, as she is truly a beauty!

Hair:  CATwA TNT Summer Blondes - Blondy
Skin:  Belleza Elle BL Tan 3 (cleavage)
[-Poke-] Piercings (Glitz, Monroe D, Siberia, Pronstar  & LRear)
Tattoo: *VG* Nice-n-Naughty
Top::  *VG* Bikini top in white
Shorts:  *VG* Denim shorts w/ white belt
Sandals:  Lassitude & Ennui Signature Sandal in Silver & Gold (freebie)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brandie in Tats

The final in our week of Brandie pictures, hope you liked her, your comments will help bring her back for more!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just in Tats

So, when my wife opened her store, one of the first items she sold is the tattoo you see Brandie wearing. Knowing that Brandie had been the model for the advertisements for the tattoo, I assumed she had one in her inventory and said, jokingly, "Why don't you wear just that tattoo for the next group" and lo and behold, she did. The next few days will be shots of Brandie, tastefully shot, in the tattoo and little more. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brandie's Boustier Day 2, It's a *VG* Creation

So it turns out no one has any idea whether this is a bustier and a skirt or a dress, everyone agrees Brandie looks amazing in it. It's available at my wife's shop, Virtually Gorgeous.

Brandie's Boustier

I have no clue what any clothing is, so when Brandie put this on, I thought was a bustier, which I spelled boustier and a skirt, but I was corrected, it's a dress, but there was some confusion as to whether she and my wife were talking about the same folders, so I leave it for you to decide, I just think she looks hot.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brandie in VG Denim Day 2

These are some really hot pictures- Carol's hot clothes and Brandie's hot bod make for a great combo. Enjoy! Remember all the clothes you see here are available in Second Life at my wife's shop, Virtually Gorgeous!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brandie in VG Denim

I don't know as there is any better reason to pose for this blog than the free clothes my wife hands out. She gave Brandie this denim outfit to wear as we were standing around, and I think you'll agree it suits her nicely. The tattoo was made by my wife and is available for sale at Virtually Gorgeous, my wife's store, along with the beautiful denim you'll see today and tomorrow on this blog.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Brandie, Day 2

One of these years it would be interesting to map the dating web of Second Life because I was just musing about Brandie, who you see here decked out in clothes made by Carol and available at Virtually Gorgeous. Brandie has been one of my wife's friends forever, and she has brought several people by as dates who have become part of our regular circle of friends, and somehow is cool enough to make it all be drama free. Truly a coot cat is Brandie.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Debbie by the Ocean

Amazing how her hair looks dry even after getting hit with that wave!

Brandie Stops By

We knew we'd have trouble when my wife's sister Debbie started calling referring to Beautiful Avatars as her blog. It's a blog where we feature pictures of all of our beautiful friends, and a couple of weeks without the spotlight has driven poor Debbie crazy. To throw her a bone, we'll run a short video of her getting hit with ocean spray, but we'll also keep her in line by running at least a week of Brandie, my wife's friend who was kind enough to model for us earlier this month!

All of these clothes, this lace bodysuit and dress, were made by my wife. The necklace too, I think.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ending on a Formal Note

This is the last post from Jaime's first (we hope it's the first!) fashion show for us. She ended it with a gown that made my gorgeous wife oooo and ahhhh, so I expect that I'll be either in line at one of the gown designers getting her a frock like this of her own soon, or she's already busy designing it herself!

Here's a fashion fun tip- Jaime actually changed her avatar shape for this dress- In a couple of ways, actually, (as she changed first to a "more formal and haughty looking" avatar as she said), but then also changed that one to a shape that had a skinnier set of hips and a smaller bottom- she called it her dress form, because, and I'm not making this up- apparently dresses in Second Life really do make your butt look big!

I've never been one for formal clothing, but she does look glamorous!

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into our friend Jaime's amazing wardrobe as much as we have, and that Jaime will come back and give us another fantastic look at some classic and contemporary Second Life fashion again soon!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Out of my League

When my Second Life wife and Jaime got talking about serious dresses and styles and designs I was lost. I know my way around a bikini and a tee shirt and jeans, but when they got into Jaime's collection of dresses I was out of my depth and wandered off for a while. When I returned, she was wearing this, and though I'm not a fan of the really pale hand-painted skins in Second Life that seemed to be popular with the fashionistas, I will admit that I could see what the allure was- Jaime looked stunning in this, as if she were made of some fine porcelain or china. The pictures don't do it justice. For a fleeting flicker of a fragment of a second, I understood high fashion. Then it was all gone and I was hoping they would put on bikinis again. :-)