Monday, February 6, 2012

Jaime Hits the Blog

Last week I ran a picture of my friend Jaime, who has become my wife's friend Jaime, but that was just part of the week of Patriots fun, this week we're getting serious, because Jaime has agreed to let us take some pictures of her going through her famous inventory.

In Second Life, you can buy clothes and shoes and houses and cars and helicopters and anything else you want and keep it all in your inventory. My Second Life wife's inventory is neat and organized and easy to navigate. Mine is a little less so, but helped greatly by the fact I wear the same clothes every day so I don't really need to worry about it.

Then there's Jaime, who has been in Second Life for a very long time and at one time was a pretty famous blogger- she received free items from people and reviewed them for her blog, so she has an enormous inventory and has never really sorted it.

She has promised my wife she will give her several "fashion shows" of all the wonderful clothes and things she has in there, and my wife has promised to take pictures if I'm not around, so we can share some of them here on this blog. I thought I'd start with a few pictures of how Jaime was dressed when she popped by the other day to take my wife hair shopping. (Yes, in Second Life you can shop for hair!)

Thanks to Jaime for agreeing to appear here!


  1. That outfit is the king of get-up that I can get down with! She should still blog, but I'm glad you do.