Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ending on a Formal Note

This is the last post from Jaime's first (we hope it's the first!) fashion show for us. She ended it with a gown that made my gorgeous wife oooo and ahhhh, so I expect that I'll be either in line at one of the gown designers getting her a frock like this of her own soon, or she's already busy designing it herself!

Here's a fashion fun tip- Jaime actually changed her avatar shape for this dress- In a couple of ways, actually, (as she changed first to a "more formal and haughty looking" avatar as she said), but then also changed that one to a shape that had a skinnier set of hips and a smaller bottom- she called it her dress form, because, and I'm not making this up- apparently dresses in Second Life really do make your butt look big!

I've never been one for formal clothing, but she does look glamorous!

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into our friend Jaime's amazing wardrobe as much as we have, and that Jaime will come back and give us another fantastic look at some classic and contemporary Second Life fashion again soon!!


  1. I didn't know that glutes were frowned upon on SL. I prefer the bigger ones in RL, so I might there as well. Either way, fantastic fashion show!