Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Girl Next Door Meets Slash?

Jaime's fashion show, part 1 or what both my wife and I hope will be many, was fantastic because she pulled out so many things and matched them together. The shrug you see in the picture with the hat is by Chip Midnight, one of the very oldest clothing makers in Second Life, while the shorts she is wearing are made by my Mrs. The hat is just a classic, somewhere Guns and Roses guitarist Slash is wondering who made off with his chapeau.

It was the following pictures I most loved though, because she put on a very clear and fresh-faced skin (yes, in Second Life you can change your skin with just a couple of clicks!) and a sweet Girl-next-Door ponytail hair and then pulled out some sort of latex catsuit and wore that around for a while. It was so surreal!


  1. stunning photos! there are quite atractive woman!

  2. The sacred heart tattoo is a good addition.

  3. Lol I like the first one a lot. Nicely done.