Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Debbie in Silks

Second Life has a lot of active roleplaying environments and one of which I had never heard of when I started on the grid is Gor. Not long after arriving in the game I started seeing women walking around in what I might have thought of as belly-dancing costumes or harem costumes, along with men in various leather and heavy cloth medieval looking garb, and it wasn't long after that I was told about Gor. For me, as for a lot of SL residents, the clothing and fashion of Gor is a lot more interesting than the roleplay.

I mention all of this because the other day Debbie pulled the costume you see here out of her wardrobe and I grabbed a few shots. This is a good example of what they call "silks" in Gor. I think they are really quite awesome, and that she looks like she could be an anime character with her pink hair and matching pink clothes.

Quite a few of the shots turned out well, so I'll post a few now and a few more later in the week. Enjoy!