Monday, June 1, 2015

Something with Photoshop

Justine is fun to work with because she says things like "Do something to this with Photoshop" (hence the title of this post). Cliffhanger ending- I'll share another funny thing she said tomorrow- I think you'll appreciate it way more than this one!

So, here's my amazing friend Justine untouched and one where I've done my best to make it terrible with Photoshop. It's hard to make Justine look bad, I had to work at it. I was hoping for an old-school 1960s comic book feel. Let me know in the comments if I got even close.

And it's not appropriate here except as regards my Photoshop skillz because Justine has a gorgeous avie and of course the vintage style is too cool, but a Leonard Cohen line from Chelsea Hotel #2 seems appropriate given the music talk the last couple of posts:

"Well never mind, we are ugly but we have the music."

So here she is again, Justine as Amy at the Hotel Chelsea in Second Life

Chelsea Hotel Amy Winehouse Vintage

Chelsea Hotel Amy Winehouse Vintage Cartoon Comic Book

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