Saturday, June 13, 2015

Down to the Ocean

Another true story:

Cheryl is NOT the type of person to wear itty bitty anythings, in real life or in Second Life, (at least not in public, she said with a wink), so when she told one of her friends she was modeling for me, the friend, who to my great surprise actually knew my work with the Herald, assumed poor Cheryl would be posing in her birthday suit and nearly had a heart attack at the surprise of her modest friend posing for cheesecake.

Well, dear readers, as we know, this blog is not like that, but Cheryl wanted to have fun with it anyhow and bought the swimsuit you see here for a special one-time only post in "almost [her] birthday suit" as she called it. She adds that these pictures are dedicated to her friend, Shelly.

I think they're fantastic, how about you?

milf swimsuit beach

milf swimsuit beach

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