Saturday, July 6, 2013

Staying Out of the Way

I popped into SL the other day and found my virtual wife looking gorgeous as always, and as an extra bonus, she was hanging out with her friend Jaime. For those that don't know Jaime Wheeler, she is an amazing woman who was one of the original big fashion bloggers of Second Life. I began to worship her through her blog, Sexy Second, and her original Post 6 Feature and then was lucky enough to feature her myself when I was the Post 6 Photographer.

Anyhow, I will run some pictures over the next few days of Jaime, because she was gracious enough to do another run-through of her amazing wardrobe for me on the spot, but I wanted to start with a couple of shots that illustrate exactly how lucky a man I am- two amazingly beautiful women hanging out with me, I just snap pics and try to get out of the way.

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