Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back from the Dead

So I had to travel for my work and just got back to Real Life and to Second Life and I must say I'm having a great time in both. Today's post is a little out of the ordinary in a number of ways;

  • I haven't posted in months, so ANY post is out of the ordinary.
  • I didn't take the picture, I'm stealing it from a friend.
  • It's a dude.
This is my friend Johny. He's been in Second Life since like 2005, so in addition to being ancient, he is, as my virtual wife called him, "hunky." I am posting this as a prelude to tomorrow's post on our other blog, because I was stupid trusting enough to send him out on the grid with my beautiful wife today. (All jokes aside, they are both wonderful people and this is all in good fun).

These pictures were actually taken by Johny, while he was waiting for Carol to finish a stage of the giant Second Life 10th Birthday Treasure Hunt. Even if you're not into "hunky guys" I think you'll agree that his is a  great avatar!

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