Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Natural Model

I think these pictures are great because Diana looks stunning. With a lot of models you have a tough time conveying how beautiful they are in a picture- you have to catch them at just the right angle at the right time in their AO cycle to see that flash, but with Diana, her avatar is always looking amazing!

Diana's outfit:
Hair:  CATwA Marwa Summer Blondes - Blondy (upper only)
Skin:  Belleza Elle BL Tan 11 (cleavage)
[-Poke-] Piercings (Glitz, Monroe D, Pronstar  & LRear)
Earrings:  Prinny's Prims  Rosario Platinum*
Tattoo: *VG* Nice-n-Naughty
Boots:  *VG* Women's Boot - Metallic
Lingerie: *VG* Lace Bra & Panties - dark blue
Top:  *VG* Lace Halter - sheer blue
Capris:  *VG* Denim Capris - Blue 


  1. I love blondes in blue! Wowzer!

  2. Those are quite the pair, um I mean great three photos!

    1. four, i mean's too late to be commenting. Have a good one!